10 Plants to Bring Positive Energy and Good Fortune Into Your Home

plants positive energy
Keeping plants in your house can bring lots of benefits for the health. Not only that, they also bring beauty to your household. Why are plants so amazing to keep at home? Unlike humans who take in oxygen and release carbon dioxide, plants consume carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen. This will help freshen the air in the room that they’re placed and clean all of the toxins in it as well as regulate humidity. A NASA research revealed that household plants can take away 87% of air toxins within 24 hours.

Another research proved that household plants can improve productivity and concentration by up to 15%. Additionally, they can boost your mood and reduce stress. This is why they’re so amazing to be kept at a workplace. Seeing greenery and nature around us usually makes us calmer and more relaxed.

One ancient practice observes the object placement and how they affect the energies of an environment. This practice is known as Feng shui. This practice tells us that these objects can also influence the energies we feel as humans within a room. Like any other organic and inorganic beings, plants also have some kind of energy. This is why it’s important to do some research and figure out how to create the perfect green haven and which plants are best for each room.

Here are explanations for 10 plants that you can keep in your household and what benefits they can give you:

  • Rosemary – not only will this plant give you great energy, it’s also used as a culinary herb. It tastes amazing with roasted vegetables and some meats. However, it also helps clean the air from toxins and improves memory, treat insomnia, and boost the spirit of a person.

  • Lucky bamboo – a known symbol of good fortune and prosperity in Asian cultures, the lucky bamboo doesn’t need too much maintenance or sunlight. Simply place the plant in a glass bowl with an inch of distilled water.

  • Peace lily – this plant generates good vibes and purifies the air while neutralizing harmful gasses. To grow this plant, dark places are ideal.

  • Jade – as a succulent, the jade plant is known for being a money tree. It’s supposed to bring a household good fortune for wealth and prosperity. It also requires small amounts of water and doesn’t need too much maintenance.

  • Ficus – these plants grow large and are great to purify the air. The plants are great for removing ammonia and formaldehyde benzene.

  • Citrus tree – fruit-bearing trees are a great symbol of abundance and health.

  • English ivy – English ivy’s climbing leaves are well known to ward off negative energy. It’s also an amazing air cleanser.

  • Orchid – as one of the more elegant of flowers, the orchid release large amounts of oxygen during the night. This is why they’re placed in the bedroom. Not only that, but these flowers have a very amazing smell that helps boost the mood of a person.

  • African violet – just like the jade, this plant also gives good fortune for wealth. This is because the petals of the flowers resemble coins, symbolizing wealth.

  • Palm tree – palm tree’s impressive size is great for room dividers. It’s also known to remove formaldehyde and xylene from the air.

Source: healthylifeboxx.com
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