9 Warning Signs and Symptoms of High Cholesterol Should Never Ignore

 Symptoms Of High Cholesterol: LDL or also known as Low-Density Lipoproteins is considered as bad cholesterol that is actually a fat-like thick component generated by our liver and can’t travel in the body so it gets stuck in the arteries and can be a major cause of several troubles. 

Our body also develops HDL or high-density lipoprotein that kills LDL cholesterol. In today’s life, eating too much junk food, wrong living habits, lack of exercise, taking drugs and alcohol consumption are the basic reasons for high cholesterol. 

High cholesterol is dangerous for us and the final result can appear as a stroke or sudden heart attack. You can know about high cholesterol levels by simple blood test and after the age of 25, you must have check-ups on the time. 

In this article, we are describing 9 symptoms of high cholesterol that you never ignore so recheck yourself with these symptoms and ask your doctor for a diagnosis. 

1. Bloating and Digestive Issues:

The main reason for increased cholesterol level is eating too much fatty and fried food affects our liver and produces bad cholesterol in the body. If you are facing high cholesterol then you may feel bloated even after eating very less. 

Your stomach makes you feel heaviness and disinterest in appetite. The excess flow of lipid substance directly affects the metabolism and triggers the digestive system in your body and you feel bloating and heaviness. 

If you are constantly feeling these issues then you must go for a lipid profile test.  

2. Bad Breathing:

Bad breathing is also a common symptom of high cholesterol. When liver secrets the different substances the LDL never dissolves in the blood and remains as a bad sticky in the arteries and prevents good digestion so when your digestion is not much good a poor odor release by your stomach makes your breath bad. 

If you are feeling that suddenly your breath has gone bad and people are escaping from you then make sure for an appointment with a doctor. 

3. Numbness in the Body Parts:

If you are constantly experiencing numbness in your body parts then high cholesterol can be responsible for that. Though there are other causes can be also responsible for numbness and swelling. 

When bad cholesterol appears high in your body it affects the blood circulation and prevents healthy nutrients to reach in the body. The lack of proper oxygen is also a cause of swelling and unusual numbness.    

4. Chest Pain:

Chest pain is the most noticed and an important symptom that one should never ignore. People who are facing cardiac issues announced they were feeling heaviness and chest pain and many of them never noticed what their body telling and lost their lives. 

Due to high cholesterol, the blood circulation gets affected and gives pressure on the arteries that cause chest pain and chest heaviness and hypertension as well. 

If you see such symptoms in you or anybody else directly ask for a lipid profile test and start medication as soon as possible. 

5. Headache and Nausea:

Thousands of people die every year due to increased cholesterol because it affects our heart. Headache and nausea are also one of the common symptoms of high cholesterol level.

There are number of reasons available that can produce headache and dizziness but if you are having unusual dizziness and loss of control on yourself and brain fog then it is not a usual thing. 

The interference in blood circulation prevents proper oxygen in the brain so you fee a headache and nausea.  

6. Tiredness and Stress:

If you are feeling excess fatigue, tiredness, and feeling sleepy whole day then do not ignore these symptoms. Yes, that’s true that many other factors can be responsible for these symptoms but now experts believe that high cholesterol is also a reason for excess fatigue. 

Your body needs such nutrients and oxygen but bad cholesterol prevents your body to get all these nutrients so you feel a lack of energy and tiredness.

7. Weak Vision:

Increased cholesterol levels can affect your vision too and make it poor. After doing many studies it has been estimated that bad cholesterol is not good for your eyesight and if not treated on the time it can be worse and one can lose eyesight. 

Blur vision and excess brain fog and lack of concentration are also the side symptoms of high cholesterol levels. If you suddenly feel something is not right with your sight then get cholesterol check-up as soon as possible.  

8. Skin Rashes:

Itching, inflammation, tiny spots are also symptoms of bad cholesterol. Now, these symptoms are very common and you never know that the increased cholesterol can affect your skin. But that’s true. 

The interrupted blood circulation and lack of needed nutrients affect your skin health and make it dull and rough.   If you feel skin sensation and spots on the skin then ask for a lipid panel test. 

9. Breathing Difficulty:

Difficulty in breathing or breath shortage is a noticeable symptom of high cholesterol levels. When you feel bloated and the pressure on the arteries it causes breathing difficulty and heaviness on your chest. 

Your arteries need proper circulation and more oxygen to breathe well but when LDL affects your heart health automatically your breathing procedure gets interrupted.


High cholesterol level has a wide impact on your overall health. These are some common symptoms that indicate that something is not okay with your health.

Moreover, we must say that you should always ask for routine check-ups, and checking the cholesterol level is easy and a common blood test can tell you all about the cholesterol. 

If you find that your liver is generating much LDL then stop eating fatty and junk food and eat healthy food that helps to develop HDL level. 

Do some workouts and some medication can treat this issue. If you have any question then feel free to ask and share this information with your friends so they can be alert of these symptoms.     


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