Best Food for Sleep: 10 Foods that Make you Fall Asleep Instantly!


Best Food for Sleep: A good night’s sleep without any disturbance is quite important for our overall health and it keeps us charge to stay relaxed and improves immunity.

But many people struggle the whole night to get a deep sleep and many factors can affect your sleep like stress, poor eating habits, overactive mind, any health discomfort, etc.

Generally, a person needs 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night, and if you are tired of counting sheep and doing various things to get a good night’s sleep don’t worry we will love to help you.

In this article, we are mentioning 10 best foods that will help you, and eating them before bed will promote sleep. Many people love late-night snacks so why not chose certain foods that can improve sleep at night so let’s have a look at that:-

1. Bananas:

Mostly people think banana is a daytime food but eating before going to bed will surprisingly help for better sleep. Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium that provide natural muscle relaxation. Bananas are not only delicious in taste but also have many benefits. 

A special component called tryptophan added in the banana that found in turkey and generates serotonin to stimulate muscle relaxation that’s why people feel to take a nap after the thanksgiving dinner.    

2. Kiwi:

Kiwifruit is a powerhouse of such minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, and loaded with antioxidants. This green delicious fruit carved by many people and you can do various experiments with it.

Kiwifruit is low in calories and many studies showed that eating 2 kiwifruits before going to bed improves sleep quality and helped people to sleep quickly. Kiwi also includes serotonin that regulates sleeping time and quality.

There is no such harm or any bad effects eating kiwi before sleep so go with that. Just eat 1 or 2 medium kiwis and eat them fresh.   

3. Milk:

Drinking lukewarm milk just before sleeping is a well-known formula and maybe you have heard from your grandma about that. Milk contains tryptophan hormone that regulates serotonin to make your sleep good and better than before.

The other dairy products like cottage cheese would be also helpful. Just drink one glass of warm milk with less-sugar or without sugar daily.   

4. Almonds:

Almonds are excellent sources of riboflavin, phosphorus, and manganese, fiber, and antioxidants that are very beneficial to promote overall health and a good night’s sleep as well.

People who are fighting with insomnia must ea almonds before going to sleep. Almonds regulate the melatonin hormone responsible for sleep. Eating almonds on a regular basis reduces stress hormones and helps in deep sleep without any interruption.

Many studies announced that people who were eating almonds before bed had a long deep sleep than those who didn’t eat almonds. Just consume 5 to 6 almonds or you can also add crushed almonds into one glass of warm milk and consume before bed.  

5. Walnuts:

Walnuts contain 19 types of vitamins and rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, and works as a great heart’s health ingredient.

Many people felt an instant transformation in their sleep quality after eating walnuts. Just eat a handful of walnuts before going to the bed.

6. Cherry Juice:

Cheery juice is an impressive beverage that can dramatically change the sleep quality and make it better more than your expectation. Cheery juice has vitamin C, antioxidants, and serotonin and tryptophan that are required for good night sleep and helps in muscle relaxation.

The studies believe that consuming 1 or two glass of cherry juice can be an effective remedy for people with insomnia or sleeping disorder. The tart cherry juice naturally regulates the sleeping hormone and your body automatically indicates sleep and the next day you awake with a fresh and active mind and body.      

7. Carbohydrate:

Eating carbs before going to bed are also helpful to enhance longer sleep. We aren’t suggesting pasta or bread as they are quite heavy just before sleep and takes time to digestion.

You can eat a bowl of white rice, a bowl of cereals with milk, or oats. These all known as a good snack and eating at night will amazingly work as expected. Eat any of them before sleeping and keep a little hunger while having dinner so you can eat the night snack.    

8. Honey:

Honey carved by every health-conscious person and this delicious ingredient is rich in many effective components and nutrients. Taking 1 tablespoon of fresh organic honey before sleep can result in better regarding sleep quality and make it longer and deeper.

Honey stimulates the melatonin and other sleeping hormone and promotes body relaxation and comfort and within a few days, you feel changes.      

9. Chamomile Tea:

Drinking chamomile tea is also a good option for those who are seeking for better sleep quality. Chamomile tea is rich in antioxidants and other needed minerals and works great for chronic diseases and improves skin health.   

With that, chamomile tea contains special factor apigenin that reduces stress and insomnia and provides muscle relaxation so you can sleep well. People who drank chamomile tea for 2 weeks claimed that they have superb results and improvement in their sleep quality.    

10. Vitamin C:

The deficiency of vitamin C can invite many health issues and lack of proper sleep or insomnia is one of them. Numbers of fruits like oranges, pineapple, and grapefruit contain enough vitamin C that can fulfill the lack of vitamin C.

The studies believe that vitamin c has the properties to promote sleeping hormone melatonin and serotonin. Vitamin C supplements are also available but we insist that we take it from natural sources.

You can eat a fresh orange or a bowl of freshly sliced pineapple before going to the bed.

Final words:

Our diet affects our whole routine and sleep is also one of them. We comprehend the difficulty of those people who are unable to sleep naturally.

Just recheck the diet chart and making a little change can change many things. We hope this article will help you out.

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