7 Foods that Help Clear Mucus from Your Body Instantly

7 Foods that Help Clear Mucus from Your Body Instantly
Mucus is considered as an important thing that keeps our body nourished and hydrate from the inside. We already have mucus in our body that’s why our body can function well.

But as we know that the excess quantity can be harmful to every useful component so the excess production of mucus can become a headache for you and the proper cure is necessary for this condition.

If you always feel the clogged nose, constant cough, and phlegm then you must aware because it can due to excess mucus production in your body.

Indeed, whenever our body or immune system fighting with any kind of infection then there are increasing chances of over-production of mucus.

This mucus gets thick after some time that can raise congestion-related issues, cold, cough and sometimes the situation becomes worse and serious. Luckily, there are multiple foods available in nature that can cure mucus naturally.    

You would be pleased to know that these natural foods can eliminate mucus and detox your body. Here we have listed 7 foods that help clear mucus from your body and make you healthy so let’s have a look at that:

Foods that Help Clear Mucus:

Garlic and Onion:

Garlic is the best anti-bacterial and contains healing property so the onion has multiple useful components that directly work on mucus and kill it naturally.

Maybe some people won’t like the smell of garlic or onion but after knowing the benefits you will definitely love it.

That’s why you have heard or experienced that a garlic clove can open the blocked nose. You can add them to your regular foods, soup, or stew.

Just mash some garlic cloves and add them so that it can release all of its components properly.


Apples are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium and these all are needed to decrease mucus from your body. Most of the people love to eat an apple and they must know this amazing result of apple.

One of the surprising fact about apple is that you can add them into cakes, or deserts because the potassium won’t destroy during heat so you can enjoy the dish with all the benefits of apple.


As we all know that veggies are good for our overall health and especially veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, beans, and Brussels sprouts work well to reduce mucus because these veggies add fiber, helping enzymes, and antioxidants.

These magical components break down the mucus amount and soon mucous banish from our body.

If you don’t love such veggies then force yourself to eat them and there are many ways to eat them differently.

You can simply east them or steam them and add into soup, stew, pasta, or noodles. You can also make broccoli soup simply blend it and add some pine nuts and have it.

Pumpkin Seed:

It can sound weirdo but it is true. The Chinese medicinal department believes that pumpkin seeds have a great advantage to cure excess mucus production and many other health benefits available of pumpkin seeds that are still hidden.

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with fiber, protein, and antioxidants. They fight with several kinds of body infection and eliminate mucus and in a few weeks you breathe freely and comfortably.

Eating a handful of pumpkin seeds would work perfectly or you can also add them in your dishes.


Berries are rich in vitamin C, minerals, and rich in antioxidants and that’s what we need to kill mucus naturally. You can eat blueberries, strawberries, elderberries, cranberries because all types of berries have many useful factors to prevent mucus.

You can simply eat berries or also make smoothies or add them to your cereals. They taste great and carry several healthy nutrients value that is important for our health.  

The fiber added in berries helps to cure the infection and hydrate your body. So start eating berries regularly and you will see a huge effect on your sickness.


However, pineapple has plenty of health benefits with that pineapple adds a special component called bromelain; it is basically a protein that helps to kill mucus rapidly.  

Many people love to eat pineapple because of its juicy and delicious taste, some eat for getting the antioxidants but many of us are not aware that expert advice to eat pineapple after sinus operation to reduce the production of mucus.

One can also have pineapple juice but do not add anything to it just simple drink or eat pineapple regularly to get rid mucus. 


Ginger is known as a powerful anti-bacterial ingredient and contains a lot of beneficial factors and has been used as a remedy from ancient time. The richness of antioxidants directly triggers the excess mucus and kills it naturally.   

You can use ginger in multiple ways and this super remedy can cure the mucus easily and in a few weeks. You can add ginger in your tea, soups, or stew or in the main course.

Just grate some fresh ginger and add it into a glass of lukewarm water and drink it once in a day.

You can also add some turmeric with ginger and both will work great to reduce mucus and prevent the re-production again.

Dealing with any kind of infection or mucus is not that easy but it is far better than gulping those harmful medicines that have various side effects too. Nature has provided many tremendous foods to us only we are unaware of their uses.   

We hope that this information will help you for sure and you can again become able to take breathe freely.

Source: righthomeremedies.com

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