Couple Celebrates 60th Wedding Anniversary Wearing Their Original Wedding Attire In Adorable Shoot

Real love never ends, and Marvin and Lucille have celebrated their 60th anniversary with style, grace and a cool photoshoot.

Marvin and Lucille Stone spent six decades together, and their 60th wedding anniversary was special. The couple did an amazing photoshoot in the original wedding attire.

Marvin and his lovely Lucille tied the knot in 1960 at a Lutheran Church in Sterling, Nebraska as reported by multiple sources. Marvin was 29 back then and Lucille was 22. Today, they have three children and the gorgeous family found the perfect way to celebrate the anniversary.

Photographer Katy Autry took some really cool photos of the lovely couple, and Facebook users went crazy.

In these photos, we can see Marvin and Lucille dancing together in an open Nebraska field. In some of the photos, they share an embrace and caress each other.  The comments section was full of supportive comments.

They wore the original wedding attire. Marvin wore his black tuxedo and a bow tie. Lucille looked gorgeous in her lace gown. She made it herself.

“The thing that took the longest was making 52 buttons that are on the sleeves and down the back,” Lucille told KHGI-TV.

“It was a typical wedding. We had a pastor who was in his first ceremony wedding… and he was a little shook but he did it and we were married.

It was beautiful.

“My dad cried. He was the only one that cried. My mother beamed and they both thought Marvin was just perfect, and that does help when your parents like the person that you’re marrying.”

Lucille is pretty conservative and so is Marvin.

“We’re both pretty conservative,” said the lady. “We were depression children. He was born at the beginning of the ’30s and I came along a few years later for my parents as kind of a surprise baby.”

Marvin added, “We both had farm backgrounds. We both were free enterprise people and we had similar goals in life and we were both in teaching.” He added, “We had already been in teaching for a while and we were just kind of together in our concepts of what to do and what direction to go and so forth.”

That’s how real love looks like. Lucille and Marvin made our day.

“We don’t always agree but we have the main focus that we’ve always had, so it just kind of moves along,” said Marvin. “We have had similar values and so it has worked out pretty well and, I don’t know, we never spent any time considering separating.”

His wife added, “From day one we have assumed marriage is forever. You do what you have to do and by no means have we been perfect in our marriage. We’ve had arguments. We’ve had disagreements, but on the big things we’re pretty much on the same track.”

What’s the secret to a lasting marriage? Well, Marvin and Lucille have definitely found it.

“Use the resources that you have and don’t expect to have everything that you might want,” said Lucille. “Focus on the needs along the way and keep the faith keep a positive attitude and do your best.” Over the years the pair have learned that avoiding worry, going with the flow and communication is critical to a successful marriage.”


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