Would You Spend The Night at a Covered Wagon Campground

Covered Wagon Campground
If you’re a lover of the “pioneer woman” and Little House on the Prairie that means that you’d like to have a moment to enjoy the accommodations of America’s earliest settlers. This is your 21st century chance to live that moment. There is an opportunity for people to stay at campsites and resorts which are decorated in old-fashioned style of Conestoga wagons. 

There are many such places which are just wonderful. These places are a combination of 19th century design and 21st century feel. Most of these wagons contain air-conditioning, private bathrooms, among other things. So if you like to go on a more luxurious camping, and meanwhile enjoy in the beauties of the nature, this is the type of vacation for you.

Take a look at some of these places

Zion Wildflower Resort

Located in the western part of the United States, and just a few minutes away from the Zion National Part, is the so-called Zion Wildflower Resort. This one is among the newest ones and it is suitable for all the adventurers. This resort offers you a chance to enjoy the beauties of nature without abandoning the feeling of home. The resort provides you with s’more kit, fire pit and bikes. And on the plus side, you can bring your pets with you!

Capitol Reef Resort

This resort is located outside one of Utah’s most popular national parks. If you stay here, your surroundings will feature wonderful nature and red-rock views. The resort offers its guests to stay in the main lodge, a stand-alone cabin or a luxury teepee. Nevertheless, being surrounded by all those beauties, people say that it is hard to spend the night in a Conestoga wagon. The Capitol Reef Resort offers all the accommodations associated with the modern world. Therefore, it makes you feel the rustic atmosphere without going through the “rough” part.

Horse Cave KAO

If you are a cave explorer, you should definitely visit Kentucky. Mammoth Cave National Park belongs to one of the most significant cave regions on the planet. So Horse Cave KOA is located nearby, which makes it a perfect location for you. If you visit this place, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a truly outdoorsy experience in a cozy wagon. Wagons of this site can accommodate up to four people. They are ideal for family vacations. But the sad thing is, that pets are not permitted.

Roscoe Campsite Park

If you find yourself on the East Coast, and you love fishing, the Roscoe Campsite Park is the perfect place for you. Beautiful covered wagons are the major characteristic of this resort. Each one of them can accommodate up to four people. Besides of fishing, you can walk around and explore the wilderness and the small town of Roscoe, NY.

These are just a number of some of the most popular resorts of this kind. Anyways, if you are really into this kind of relaxing yourself, you can check on the other ones which are as stunning as the above mentioned ones.

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