10 Places You Can Live Like A Millionaire With Little Money

Nowadays, we live in a society where the cost of living has highly affected the income of the professional workers for their daily needs. Therefore, people are struggling to make it through this high-demanding society. That is why they consider moving to some other places which are cheaper for living and enjoying their everyday life. Imagine you have a chance to pack your bags and move to some fantastic location where you can live like a millionaire with not so much money on your bank account!

Here is a list of some incredible places where you can live to the fullest, for the cost of a few bucks:


Some people find it difficult to adjust to this country, but the Government offers residency visas for all the retirees at the cost of US $60 000. The visas last 20 years and with it, you get immigration facilities, spa treatments, work permits and some other things at no costs whatsoever. The city of Chiang Mai offers perfect living conditions suitable for everyone. There are various things from mega-malls, to huge groceries stores and cultural or historical places that you can visit. You don’t have to worry about health care either. There are incredible English doctors who take care of patients for less than $20. One-bedroom accommodation can be found from $250 to $740, depending on the area you are staying in. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the monthly budget.


You can enjoy the natural beauty and scenic landscapes of this country for only US $650. El Poblado is the city you should consider if you are thinking about moving to this country. There are many high-end boutiques, marvelous food, pretty exciting night life, and yes, not to forget about the amazing tree-lined streets. The weather is also prefect. So, if you are interested you should know that you can exchange 3 million Colombian pesos for a little more than $1000 USD.


This is among one of the poorest countries and yet it is filled with many luxury resorts. That is so, because of its incredibly cheap life which has attracted millionaires to invest their money in there and build all those places. Granada is part of this country and it is filled with history and architecture which attracts the attention of many writers and artists. If you are an adventurous kind of a person, then the volcanos, forests and lakes will interest you a lot. You’ll be able to find accommodation for about $720.


The cost of average living here is very low. It means you can enjoy in the Mediterranean hospitality and the natural beauties of this country, and not spend much money in the meantime. Carvoeiro, located at the Algarve coast, is a beach and resort town that has a lot to offer! It’s filled with stunning views, amazing food and wine, hiking trails, boat tours, historic events that you can visit and explore. Renting one-bedroom money will cost you only $750 a month.


This country is good for living due to its financial system. Spain’s healthcare system is really well-developed and it offers cheap rates and effective treatment. So it is really suitable for elderly people who can fully enjoy under the Mediterranean sun. Other than this, Ojen in Spain stands for a really beautiful area where you can enjoy for only $330 a month. Even though it’s filled with luxury villas, this city is budget friendly. So you can enjoy the beauties of the architecture of Spain, its. Streets, exotic shops etc. on a small budget.


Living in Fiji costs about $25 a day. Can you imagine that? Residents of this city enjoy in the wonderful landscapes and scenic beauties of Fiji for a very cheap price.

Dominic Republic:

If you are looking for a tropical destination with white-sand beaches, then the coastal town of Las Terrenas is the perfect place for you. It is a wonderful cheap location because the Caribbean area did not develop as much as the Bahamas for example. Therefore, there are not so many tourists and consequently the residents enjoy in the beauties at a very low cost. A one-bedroom apartment will cost you approximately $730.


Bali, in Indonesia is known for its amazing mountain paths, historical sites, surf spots, luxury resorts and mind-blowing scenery. And you can get all that for only $300 a month.


Mendoza in Argentina is a city filled with restaurants and spas, cozy coffee bars and picturesque streets filled with trees. Some adventurous things are available at this city too, like fly fishing, horseback riding through the Andes, and water rafting among other things. And this beauty costs about $380 a month.

South Africa:

Besides for the mixed weather conditions, residents of this area can relax themselves in the luxury and history is has to offer for a reasonable price.

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