5 Yummy Veggies You can Harvest Indoors the whole Year Round

Harvest Indoors
Nowadays, more and more people are falling in love with home gardening and having their own fresh supply of fruits, veggies, and herbs.

Gardening is good for our mental and physical health and plus, it saves us a trip to the supermarket.

However, a lot of people, especially those who live in apartments, wonder if it’s possible to create this garden in indoor spaces, without any large yard.

The answer is yes, totally! In fact, with little care and useful tips, you can grow and harvest some yummy veggies throughout the whole year.

With this in mind, check out the list of 5 awesome veggies you can harvest indoors throughout the whole year.

5 Delicious Veggies You can Harvest the whole Year Round

Hot peppers

hot pappers in pot

These tropical perennials love warm weather and full sun exposure-ideal for light rooms and rooms on south side. As they’re self-pollinators, they thrive indoors as well.

But, make sure you provide them with sufficient light, around 14 to 20 hours per day and a temperature around 70 degrees F.

And, pot them in a container with 8 inches height and water it when the soil has dried out.

Green onions

green onions in pot

Scallions or green onions are perfect for indoors because they’re simple to care for and aren’t overly demanding in terms of sunlight like many other veggies.

You can grow them from seeds or by replanting the root end.

Leafy green salads

leafy green salads in pot

Spinach, kale, and arugula grow pretty fast; you can harvest them in four weeks or so. However, they need 12 hours of sunlight and a temperature of around 60 degrees F to thrive.


potatoes in pot

Believe it or not, but regular and sweet potatoes can be grown in soil from scraps. Begin with a sprouted potato cut into chunks and laid sprout-side-up on at least 4 inches of soil.

And, top them off with 4 inches of soil. In two months, expect your potatoes. Plant them in big pots as they can grow pretty big.

Remember to add soil to always have the potatoes covered.


tomatoes in pot

Tomatoes thrive in warm weather; however, they can also succeed indoors.

But, provide between 14 and 20 hours of sun per day. They’re also self-pollinators; however, shake them from time to time to activate the pollen.

The smaller potato varieties tend to do better in containers and their seeds germinate quite fast.

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