Meet the 105 yr old man and his bride(96): Married 79 years

A black couple identified as A.J. & Lillie Reeves from Virginia who are 105 and 96 respectively, have celebrated 79 years of happy marriage. According to a video seen by on, the couple has been recognised in the US House of Representatives Congressional record as the 2019 winners of Virginia’s longest married couple award.

Reports indicate that A.J. & Lillie Reeves come from Truevine where they have lived their entire married life.

The brilliant couple’s granddaughter, Valerie LeGrand, spoke in an interview where she indicated that the love life of her grandparents has been a great impact on their lives. According to Valerie, their family is very grateful for the many years they have had with them. The young lady also indicates that the family is looking forward to celebrating 80 years of marriage next year. The life of A.J. & Lillie Reeves portrays what it truly means to meet the love of one’s life and serves as a great source of inspiration for many young couples and singles looking to get bonded.

Source: truecoverage

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